Our union held a forum January 17 to clarify the upcoming changes in how the state classifies information technology (IT) positions.

LAS VEGAS — More than 160 AFSCME members gathered in Las Vegas last week to lift up the voice of public service workers and move our union forward.  

WFSE members overwhelmingly ratified 2019-2021 contracts today when voting closed at 5pm.

"The hard work of our bargaining teams, and advocacy of our members resulted in h

Your elected collective bargaining team (Bill Copland, Rick DeBay, Judy Lang, Don Malo, Geryl Post, and Judy Kuschel-Bradley) have met with the DOC management for five days of bargaining and one day of mediation. 

John Zeman - WFSE Member, Spokane

I’m from South Dakota. It’s a right to work state. I'd like to share my experience and why I'm #UnionStrong.

The average salary of state workers in South Dakota is close to half to two-thirds of what workers in Washington make. The cost of living there is about the same as Spokane, cheaper than Seattle.

We cannot move forward together when we are falling behind economically.

We need fair pay and real opportunity now!

We have negotiated for another two days and made more progress with many exchanges and five agreements. We only have four more days scheduled and are nowhere near realizing a strong contract that improves our communities with a stable workforce.


WFSE member Carol Scott delivered hundreds of SEO/SET/CO reclass petitions to DSHS Secretary Cheryl Strange at the conclusion of the Secretary's 840 N Broadway/Everett complex town hall meeting on July 27.

Carol and the Secretary discussed the need for a reclass (last done in 1991) and Carol asked the Secretary to keep DCS employees in mind when making the hard budget decisions in the coming months.


ACT NOW to support IT workers in General Government & Community College Coalition — and the future of classification studies in Washington state!


We, the members of your General Government bargaining team, are deeply concerned about recent eorts to divide our union.

Our bargaining team is striving to improve conditions for all union members covered by the General Government contract. We work hard to prepare for these negotiations and won’t let anyone stand in our way of showing a united front.

Members make the difference at the table

Members came together with one strong voice to lift your bargaining team and show support on Tuesday (7/10/18) while we proposed our comprehensive wage package.

Rep. Laurie Dolan (LD22)

On July 3, DOT Assistant Secretary Mike North received over 50 signed petitions from fellow DOT members demanding pay parity for support staff.

"I am a single parent working 40 hours per week raising my sons and I struggle to make ends meet. I have been with the (DOT) department for 15 years and have not seen a significant pay increase. I am standing up to ask that administrative staff be paid what we deserve. A wage to raise a family without struggle." 
Tricia Sorenson, Secretary Supervisor in Aberdeen