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Fair Pay and Real Opportunity Day of Action

Statewide Unity Breaks Aug 9

Fair pay and


We, the members of your General Government bargaining team, are deeply concerned about recent eorts to divide o

Members make the difference at the table

Members came together with one strong voice to lift your bargaining team and show supp

On July 3, DOT Assistant Secretary Mike North received over 50 signed petitions from fellow DOT members demanding pay parity for support staff.

"I am a single parent working 40

“One strong voice together calling on the employer for work/life balance. Work/Life balance is important!

Negotiated Policies to Date

Below is a running list of the policies our Union and DCYF management have finished bargaining over.

As union members, we're stronger together. Union membership equals fair pay, affordable healthcare, and a secure retirement. 

Want to know more about Janus v AFSCME and what it means to state employees?  AFSCME has a library of good reads.

See how much so-called "right-To-work" is going to cost your family. This is real. Use our online Lost Wage Calculator to see how much you'd lose if the Supreme Court brings Wisconsin-style empty promises to our state.

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