RHC Area Reports

8/2018 Rainier, Fircrest, Lakeland

Rainier school has appealed the decertification of PAT A, and has settlement agreements related PAT E and PAT C and anticipates being resurveyed in the near future.  As part of their plan for success Rainier School has been assessing clients to determine which individuals are ideal candidates for active treatment, and which are more appropriate for state operated nursing facilities.  As both Lakeland Village, and Fircrest have the capacity for more residents, that will be opening/expanding their facilities to accept those not ideal for aggressive active treatment.   To date, our union has only received notice from Lakeland Village, where they indicated that staff would be moving from Cascade to Willow, and then Ponderosa to Cascade to make room in the nursing facility for 23 clients from Rainier.   This will likely result in 30 new and represented FTE at Lakeland Village.   Our Union anticipates similar notice from Fircrest, and notice from Rainier about any staff moves. Our union has requested negotiations related to the Lakeland moves, and will request similar negotiations at Fircrest, but feels that a broader DDA/RHC conversation needs to be held related to all 3 RHCs—more to come.       

11/17/17 Lakeland Village

Regarding the ACM coverage; when a critical incident occurs, or AC staff need a quick resource and a RSC is unavailable it is Lakeland Village’s intent to have an ACM be that resource or handle the incident reporting. 

We had a long conversation about how this creates issues surrounding workload, and does not address the RSC not being adequately staffed.  

Lakeland Village unambiguously stated that the intent of this is NOT to have one ACM manage two cottages; it is to respond to emergent issues when the RSC is unavailable.   

We agreed to a pilot of up to 90 days were ACMs will self-select into pairs (sister cottages) to support each other in situations were there is a shortage of RSCs.

After either the 90 days, or when it is deemed unproductive our Union will meet with Management again to discuss the pilot and how it did or did not address the RSC staffing coverage issue—more to come at the conclusion of the trial period.  

12/19/17  Fircrest Overtime

WFSE received notice regarding Fircrest’s intent to implement a mandatory overtime rotation schedule.  

Informal discussions were held on 11/2 and we are working to schedule a follow up meeting in January 2018. 

Fircrest will move from pulling from specific units to pulling from specific PAT within Fircrest—more to follow in January.