Updated 9/5/18: DOC Arbitration Decision


WFSE members overwhelmingly ratified 2019-2021 contracts today when voting closed at 5pm.

"The hard work of our bargaining teams, and advocacy of our members resulted in historic gains in our 2019-2021 contracts. We are stronger together." — Amy Spiegel, WFSE Director of Negotiations

The contracts wil be delivered to the Governor's office for processing (financial feasibility) and inclusion in Governor's 2019 Budget. Stay tuned in January for opportunities to help support lobbying efforts for funding our contracts.

Summary of Tentative Agreement

This is a summary that highlights and explains the most significant provisions of the Tentative Agreement reached between the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) bargaining unit and the State of Washington covering General Government on September 11, 2018. It does not cover every article or every provision.

Complete Tentative Agreement documents linked below.


Major goals achieved include:

  • 6% across the board increases for everyone covered by the agreement over the life of the two-year contract! 3% 7/1/19 and 3% 7/1/20 (see Art. 42)
  • Regional compensation of 5% for 10,600 members working in King County (for those not already receiving 5% geographic pay), expanded ORCA card benefits to King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties, and a new $50.00/mo. Van Pool benefit (see Art. 42 & 25)
  • $14.00/hr. minimum wage resulting in increases for 170 employees below that rate in addition to the across the board increases agreed upon (see Art. 42 and Appendices I & J for classes affected)
  • Where local ordinances raise the minimum wage above $14.00/hr., the state will follow the local ordinance. (see Art. 42)
  • Increases for specific classifications listed in Appendix T – this brings additional increases to over 10,200 members (see Appendix T)
  • New IT Professional Structure that will bring alignment to IT classes and additional increases to over 2,000 members (See MOU & Attachments)
  • New and improved Assignment pays helping hundreds of our members (see Appendix P)
  • Maintained healthcare costs, fought to hold the line on UMP out-of-pockets costs, maintained the increased wellness benefits, and created a new $500.00 ($250 per year) benefit for those making $50,004.00/year or less – this will benefit thousands more of our members. (See Art. 43) 


Article 21 – Uniforms, Tools & Equipment

  • Greatly expanded footwear language in 10 different agencies along with an increased benefit of $225.00! 

Article 42 – Compensation
In addition to Major Goals listed above, we achieved:

  • Increased shift premium rate - now $1.00/hr. for ALL eligible hours, no more $.65/hr.!
  • MHT’s will be paid the PSA rate when filling a PSA post
  • Premium pay for working on McNeil Island (SCC)
  • $250.00/yr. benefit for those paying the high risk L&I class codes of 7200 or 7201 - $500.00 total!
  • $1,750.00 lump sum for those impacted by the transition out of 7.8 hr. work schedules

Article 43 – Health Care Benefit Amount

  • Maintained healthcare costs, fought to hold the line on UMP out-of-pockets costs, maintained the increased wellness benefits, and created a new $500.00 ($250 per year) benefit for those making $50,004.00/year or less. 

Appendix P – Assignment Pay

  • Includes multiple new or expanded assignment pays – see Appendix P for details: 
  • WSPRC – Assignment pay for Ranger Training Officer duties 
  • WSP – Assignment pay for Criminal Intelligence & Investigative Analysis 
  • DCYF - Preserved existing Assignment pays for those transitioning to DCYF from DSHS
  • WSDOT – Expanded Assignment pay for night shift work 
  • WSDOT – Expanded Assignment pay for tree felling duties to include evaluation 

Appendix T – Classification Specific Salary Adjustments

  • A minimum of 2.5% increase for specific classifications listed in Appendix T – this brings additional increases to over 10,200 employees (see Appendix T for lists of classes impacted). Find the appendix below in Resources: Tentative Agreement Articles 41-end.

MOU – CDL Wellness

  • Extended the MOU providing an additional $125.00/yr. to CDL holders who meet wellness requirements


Article 2 – Non-Discrimination

  • Gender neutral language will be used throughout our contract
  • Added protections for victims of stalking, sexual assault or domestic violence

Article 3 – Bid System

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) expanding the bid rights of SOLA members

Article 4 – Hiring and Appointments

  • Added protections for employees working in consecutive non-perm appointments 
  • Expanded transfer rights for those in project positions

Article 7 –Overtime

  • Doubled the number of times members can be excused from mandatory overtime per quarter and added language strengthening the employer’s notification of the need to work overtime
  • Improved compensatory time cash out for WSDA employees 
  • New rest time language for WSP CSRT members 
  • New MOU for DSHS Institutions to negotiate solutions around comp time, overtime, attendance, and policies related to mandatory overtime

Article 8 – Training and Employee Development

  • Increased steward contract training time to cover 4/10 work schedules 

Article 12 – Sick Leave

  • Expanded paid sick leave and the definition of family
  • New protections for appropriate use of sick leave
  • Prohibition of agency policies that count appropriate use of sick leave for discipline
  • New requirement for the employer to provide written notice of any suspected leave abuse and the reason/s for the suspicion 

Article 14 – Shared Leave

  • New family/parental leave provisions 
  • Expanded the list of relatives you can use shared leave to care for to align with the definition of family in Article 12

Article 15 – FMLA

  • Incorporated new paid family leave program! 

Article 17 – Miscellaneous Paid Leave

  • Improved bereavement language expanding the definition of family 
  • Extended time may be allowed for life giving procedures 

Article 20 – Safety and Health

  • New language requiring the resolution of concerns around field communication devices

Article 22 – Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

  • Voluntary assistance program open to all employees 

Article 29 & Appendix C – Grievance Procedure

  • Streamlined the grievance procedure by eliminating step 1
  • Expanded steward mentoring opportunities when handling group grievances 

Article 34 – Layoff & Recall

  • Reduced transition review period default from 12 mos. to 6 mos. when recalled 

Article 36 - Employee Rights

  • Permanency given to workload MOU by incorporating the language into Article 36

Article 37 and Appendix E – Union Management Communication Committees

  • New UMCC for DCYF & DVR

Article 39 – Union Activities

  • Improved language allowing for one on one communication with members!
  • New bargaining unit member orientations of 30 minutes

Article 40 – Dues Deductions & Status Reports

  • Updates to information twice per month and a new payroll deduction option for Trustmark!

Article 47 – Workplace Behavior

  • Step 4 of the grievance procedure is now the last step! This means access to PERC mediation or pre-arbitration review 

Article 52 – Distribution of Agreement

  • Going green and conserving resource with electronic access (print if desired) to the contract!
  • Maintained print versions for 24/7 operations 

Article X – Agency Specific Bargaining

  • Gives permanency to the agency supplemental bargaining process!
  • Secured DOC Interest Arbitration again for 2021-2023 through an MOU

Memoranda of Understanding – Statewide and Agency Specific
In addition to the MOU’s referenced throughout this summary, we have achieved the following MOU’s:

  • All employees – New MOU recognizing telework and providing an option for review of unreasonable denials
  • Within Parks – Maintained MOU providing for Law Enforcement subcommittee
  • Within DES – Maintained MOU providing for alternate breaks in the Inserting Section

Your General Government Bargaining Team recommends you VOTE TO ACCEPT this Agreement! 


Union Members - Please VOTE to ratify this agreement!