PARKS Area Report 5/2018

1-    Met with C&M workers to discuss issues that have developed as a result of area management

Update: Based upon concerns brought to my attention I am evaluating another method of approving or providing feedback from maintenance workers to ensure they have a voice.

Working with the Board to address these concerns. A local meeting is being scheduled to determine support/non-support for the area management concept.

Working on strategies to ensure C&M personnel feel as if they have a voice in the impacts for them associated with Area Management. Visiting Parks, specifically evaluating contracting out concerns relative to maintenance and vendors.

Update: Requested management update on classification questionnaires so we can follow the work. 

We are working through management’s presentation of the work and what classification is responsible for what. We will be bringing in a team C&M folks to decipher what classifications are actually doing.

Dates are being established to meet with C&M across the state to determine the breadth of work being performed. These updates are critical to getting folks banded correctly.

2-    Filed DTB Area Management: Eliminate .01 FTE  Ground and Nursery Specialist

3-    Filed DTB Area Management: Eliminate 1.0 FTE Maintenance Specialist 4

4-     Filed DTB Area Management: Eliminate 1.97 FTE Heavy Equipment Operator Supervisor

5-    Filed DTB Area Management: Eliminate 5.0 FTE C&M Project Specialist

6-    Filed DTB Area Management: Eliminate 13.0 C&M Project Leads

7-    Filed DTB Area Management: Eliminate 7.0 Park Ranger 3

8-    Filed DTB Area Management: Eliminate 2.0 WMS Band 2/ Eliminate 5 Park Ranger 4

9-    Un-armed Rangers met to discuss implications surrounding the agreement to mandatorily arm. Management substantially changed their opportunities for unarmed position with Area Management.

10- Lunch with Commissioners to develop strategic political relationships is moving forward.

11- Preparing for Law Enforcement Sub Committee : Soliciting agenda items

12- Internal Member Summit to address concerns related to mandatory arming and defensive tactics is being scheduled. Area management cannot be resolved prior to this meeting.

Rescheduled do to potential governmental shut down


13- Monitoring reduction in force due to legislators failure to agree on a capital budget

Update: Parks Summit held and we have agreement on a path relative to classification concerns derived from area management. We met with the administration, presented our plan, and management agreed to work collaboratively toward those outcomes. Meetings are being scheduled now to create an admin Ranger series in affect a safe harbor for unarmed rangers, rangers injured in the line of duty, and another career path.

Proposed to management the concept of a parallel track of unarmed rangers. Received well. Management has counter proposal and the meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2017.

First round of bargaining held on Area Management.

14- DTB Contracting Out Moran State Park. Met with management and Federation members have been placed on stand-by with compensation.