OIC Area Reports

Office of the Insurance Commissioner


We have one Demand to Bargain at this time.  The proposal is a change of working conditions – implementing a call monitoring system and call assistance program.  The Demand to Bargain is scheduled for October 25th.  We are also scheduled to meet on October 25th for the Union Management Communications Committee.  Agenda items are:  Employee Survey; Phone Monitoring/Phone Assist; OIC Continuity and Recovery Team; Welcome New Chief Deputy Insurance Commissioner.            


We have no Demands to Bargain at this time.  We had a UMCC July 26th covering the following items:  Change of Team Members for both management and the union; the OIC Safety Committee Survey; Current safety issues – auto theft and auto prowl; Internet page for WFSE information – moved back to under committees instead of HR; Next month the agency All Staff Meeting will take place in Lacey.   


We have no Demands to Bargain at this time.  We have a UMCC scheduled for this next month and agenda items are being solicited.


We have no Demands to Bargain at this time.  There were concerns shared at the last UMCC’s that the federal budget for the SHIBA program would not be funded at its current level.  The budget did get funded and there are no anticipated layoffs.  One person from the program currently housed in Yakima will be retiring shortly and the position will be moved to Spokane.  The next scheduled Union Management Team meeting will be April 26th, 2018.