Regional Compensation

Regional compensation

12/19/17 UPDATE   Preparation work was done on this GG/CCC workgroup internally and the first committee meeting was held on 2/10/2017. We submitted an information request to assist us in preparing for the 3-month duration of meetings with the Employer under this MOU and received much of that information, which was reviewed in the committee’s second meeting on 7/26/17. The committee is Sue, Judy, Don Malo, Julianne Moore, Dave Greenman, Max Phipps, Rebekah Padgett, Tracy Stanley, Alex Bacon, and Ken Fisher. We have now requested dates from the employer to begin our joint discussions – more to come! 

How did we get here?

As the cost of living in certain areas of our state continues to skyrocket, making it impossible for many people to afford to live where they work, our Union continues the fight for regional compensation. Over the last several rounds of contract negotiations we’ve made comprehensive proposals supported by indisputable facts, and many of our brothers and sisters have participated in serious job actions demonstrating the importance of regional compensation to retaining quality workers in high cost areas. It is also true that the cost of fixing this problem remains high and the employer has been unwilling to agree to regional compensation outside of the use of assignment pays. At the end of contract negotiations, we entered into a statewide memorandum of understanding (MOU) to ensure the discussion of this important issue continues.

What is happening now?

In addition to all of the research done for contract bargaining, the MOU committee has requested and reviewed an extensive amount of information related to the impacts of the cost of living on recruitment and retention in state government, the methods other use to resolve this issue, and more. The committee has requested meeting dates from the employer and will be proceeding with that work soon.

Who is on the Committee?

  • Alex Bacon – Seattle Central CC                   
  • Don Malo - DOC
  • Ken Fisher – DOT                                         
  • Julianne Moore – DSHS/YVS
  • Dave Greenman – DSHS/Fircrest                
  • Rebekah Padgett – Ecology
  • Sue Henricksen – WFSE President              
  • Max Phipps – Everett CC
  • Judy Kuschel – WFSE Vice-President          
  • Tracy Stanley – WFSE Secretary/LCC

What are the next steps?

WFSE’s member committee will continue to work with resource staff to meet with the employer under the MOU. We are also planning for the next round of contract negotiations. In addition, committee members are working with resource staff to develop a specific plan that helps our Union members address this issue from multiple angles, including local level political action.

What can I do?

Get educated and get involved! You can learn more about this issue and what you can do by contacting a member of the committee or your WFSE staff. Also, watch for updates on specific actions you can take that will be coming out soon!