Petitions delivered to WSH CEO

Rehabilitation workers at Western State Hospital (WSH) delivered a strong message to DSHS & Dave Holt, CEO at Western State Hospital. 

Many rehabilitation staff job classes are more than 30% behind the states own salary survey. 

  • Occupation therapists at WSH are being contracted-out due to recruitment and retention issues. 
  • One worker shared that with her newborn she cannot afford to work for the state since her second job pays $20 more per hour. She loves the public service she provides to the mentally ill but her family deserves respect. 
  • Another worker explained increased rehabilitation for patients provides better safety and more federal funding. It is a good investment for now and the future. 

The CEO stated that 'he hears' the union message and will share this issue as a top priority.  He will do what he can to advocate now and the future for rehabilitation staff.