GG Bargaining Update 9/4/18

Member actions across the state are working!

We have mobilized to the Governor’s office at the Capitol, Seattle and other actions in Wenatchee, Yakima, Vancouver, and Spokane. Your calls, e-mails, and social media actions are pressuring the Governor.

Substantial progress has been made at negotiations over the last two days. We have momentum but must keep pushing to achieve a strong contract.

Negotiations start back up on September 10 & we need to finish strong.

The Governor needs to keep feeling the pressure from you, your family and coworkers for a contract that includes a real raise, affordable healthcare, and that improves our communities and ensures a stable workforce. We cannot continue to move forward and keep Washington working with 87% of members behind.


We are Stronger Together!

Stay connected for updates and actions at & text GG to 237263