Long Term Care Surveyor Workgroup

How did we get here?

It is clear that Union member action is necessary if we are to win at the bargaining table, our strength and power is in our numbers and our united voices. LTCS’s work has evolved over time, recruitment and retention is a growing problem, and the pay inequity with like workers continues to grow but we will never quit fighting for what is right. LTCS’s are standing together 100% Union and preparing an action plan to win the wage increases you deserve.

What is happening now?

A workgroup of LTCS members from across the state has been meeting with Union staff to work on the wage issues. The workgroup members have had detailed training from our Union’s classification and compensation expert on the process, criteria, and other things impacting classification-specific wage increases. To prepare for bargaining, workgroup members have drafted contract proposals and are taking those out to their local meetings for support. Additionally, a short term action plan has been developed and preparation for those actions is underway!

What are the next steps?

While we have to ensure the content of future bargaining proposals remains confidential, a short term action plan has also been put into place. In late October you were contacted about how to participate in that plan and many of you (almost 90% of all LTCS’s) took action! We know this failure to address your wage issues is frustrating to say the least but, anger will not resolve it – action will! Our next step is for a delegation from our workgroup to meet with DSHS Secretary Cheryl Strange to deliver your message and to explain the issues facing the Long Term Care Surveyors and the critical work you do. This meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2018.

More to come!

Workgroup Members:  Patricia Johnson, Josemary Tonn, Molly McClintock, Sarah Tunnell Knowles, Justin Smith, Robin Windhausen