HCA Area Reports

Health Care Authority

8/2018 Ron Heley

No demands to bargain at this time.

We are preparing for our quarterly UMCC with the agency.  After a series of ad-hoc UMCCs to discuss the efficiency of our meetings and interactions, WFSE and the agency are working together to foster a more robust and collegial partnership.  Our hope is that this time period of transition will foster a better era in terms of relationships and communication.

6/2018 Ron Heley

The agency provided notice regarding a shared leave.  The new policy addressed all member concerns and we decided not to file a demand to bargain. 

We also held a UMCC on the 26th.  This was our first UMCC after a series of ad-hoc UMCCs to address meeting inefficiencies and the dysfunctional relationship between the Union and HCA in recent months.  The UMCC was very successful and we unanimously support our mutual proposals for ground rules and agenda setting.  Aside from these steps for a healthier future, we communicated our dissatisfaction regarding shift scheduling and support for steward training.  The agency supported each of our proposals and we look forward to further ad hoc UMCCs regarding steward support.  We appreciate the agency’s interest in exploring opportunities for shadowing and training for new stewards.  Additionally we received an update on the agency’s new BHI Integration and the arrival of new members from DSHS into the HCA fold.  Where everyone will be working and where necessary support will come from are still not completely clear.  Nonetheless this is an exciting opportunity for the agency and we all welcome the new faces and their great plans to serve our state.

5/2018 Ron Heley

The agency provided notice regarding a new policy affecting external communications on behalf of the agency.  The new policy addressed all member concerns and we decided to not file a demand to bargain.

4/16/18 Ron Heley

We had a UMCC which brought many challenges between the agency and WFSE to light.  There was a healthy discussion around trust and building a better working relationship.  Both sides have agreed to two meetings before the next UMCC to establish more orderly and fruitful UMCC’s in the future.  We also discussed much needed training improvements in MACSC.

2/19/18 Ron Heley

We met in a demand to bargain regarding a new ticket tracking system in IT.  Their plan seems clever and the agency has promised that the system would never be the first, nor sole, source of discipline.  They also conceded to not use it in PDP’s or to track individuals.

We have a UMCC scheduled for early March.

12/19/17 Ron Heley

We had a UMCC and had a very productive discussion.  The outgoing interim director was very responsive to our requests and we anticipate improvements in the validation process in MEDS and clarity in adjusting schedules.  We are looking forward to our next UMCC in February.