ESD Area Reports

Employment Security Department

ESD 8/2018

The agency has provided notice on office moves for WorkSource offices in Lewis, Pierce, Jefferson, and Kitsap counties.  The Pierce County and Lewis County moves have now settled.  We met this month regarding the Lewis County move and are awaiting final details. 

Unfortunately, the agency’s choices led us to file a pair of ULPs this month.  One is for skimming bargaining unit work in the WorkSource offices and the other involves interfering with a new employee orientation.  Our hope is that these matters will quickly settle and that agency sees the glaring errors of its ways.  Both of these issues have been filed and await attention from PERC.

The new commissioner has had a chance to touch base and make introductions.  We appreciate her enthusiasm and expect another commissioner who has a healthy appreciation for unions.  She appeared at the quarterly Advisory Committee meeting where ESD discussed its legislative agenda. 

ESD 7/2018

The agency has provided notice on office moves for WorkSource offices in Lewis, Pierce, Jefferson, and Kitsap counties.  The Pierce County move has been warmly accepted by the Pierce members and we chose not to file on it.  Questions remain for the other moves as we consider our need to meet in a demand to bargain meeting.

ESD 6/2018

We met in a demand to bargain meeting regarding the updating of job postings.  ESD has been using outdated language in many instances and wishes to correct that issue.  Furthermore, they intend to attract a broader pool and reward the experience of current members.  We expect a more transparent process in hiring and fewer accusations of nepotism.

ESD 5/2018

We met in a DTB to address the remodel in WorkSource Mason County.  Management was very accommodating and open to our suggestions.  It was heartening to see them so receptive to our concerns for safety and efficiency.  We anticipate more questions and bumps in the road, but there is ample reason to be excited for the modernization of the office.  Management clearly indicated they would welcome any and all questions or concerns and that members should send them directly to the project planner.

The agency provided notice on proposed improvements to their cyber security.  We have many questions about the abilities and limits of their proposal.  We expect a DTB to be scheduled in July.

The agency also provided notice regarding AmeriCorps volunteers in WorkSource.  These volunteers have a history of supplementing and not supplanting members’ work and we intend to ensure that remains the case.

ESD 4/16/18

More and more tidal waves of questions and issues have emerged over the WorkSource 4’s training plans.  We will finally have our first scheduled quarterly meeting in May to coordinate the issues that dog this changeover.

We met on ESD’s move in Shared Work and the Job Search Review Center.  Despite a few hiccups to address in the move, this appears to be an easy lift.  Members’ concerns about lighting and workspace are being addressed.

We met a second time regarding contractors in the PFML program.  ESD expressed regret in needing to hire contractors and blamed the situation on the short timeline given by the legislature to enact the new program.  They anticipate curtailing contractors and eliminating them soon.

We met a fifth time regarding ESD’s needs to hire contractors to solve the extraordinary problems with the NGTS tax program.  ESD promised to provide a solid end date regarding their need for contractors and we hope to see the practice curtail and end soon in this program.

Job postings was the topic on two DTB’s this month.  First, we discussed their modifications of the qualifications in IT job postings.  They intend to entice younger applicants to the agency by rewarding education over experience.  We emphasized our interest in seeing experience of current members having a trumping power over education, but they insisted that their main focus is to increase the applicant pool in entry positions.

The second DTB regarding job postings has been rescheduled to bring OFM with us to the table.  ESD messed up and had to do a 180 on their promises from last November.  They had promised to merely remove the massive essays from the application and use OFM’s language.  However, they’ve come to notice that OFM’s language is outdated and needs updating.  Therefore we insisted on them presenting us actual language to investigate the impacts on members.  They had nothing for us to evaluate and insisted we provide them with carte blanche to whatever updates they would see fit.  When we meet again on this issue we expect something tangible at the table in order to bargain the impacts.  We appreciate OFM’s addition to the talks.

We will be meeting in May to address the remodel in WorkSource Mason County. 

Notice was provided, but DTB’s were not filed, on the move of the Imaging Unit in ESD HQ and the reorg of OSI. 

We also elected not to file on a new records management policy as it meets our members’ concerns.

ESD 4/16/18

ESD continues to have a tidal wave of questions over the WorkSource 4’s training plans.  We initially met in January in a DTB and questions continue to pour in.  This is a major overhaul and has spurred a great deal of interest.  Consequently members have many questions and ESD’s failure to consider basic facets of the program have led to it stumbling out of the blocks.  We have scheduled quarterly meetings to coordinate the unveiling of this program. 

ESD has provided notice on another change position descriptions in job postings.  Despite notices from last October and in January, the agency has again elected to shift directions.  We will meet in mid-April on this change.

ESD is proposing moves and/or remodels in Shared Work, Job Search Review Center, WorkSource Mason County, and Service Corps.  We are investigating each of these instances for whether to file a demand to bargain meeting.

ESD 2/19/18

ESD has sent notice on several proposals.  They intend to reorganize the OSI department.  We are investigating whether we wish to meet in a DTB for this notice. 

They have also provided notice for cameras in the Maple Park building’s lobby and the movement of public info request members to Maple Park.  We are investigating whether to file on both of these.

We also met in a DTB regarding impacts from a remodel in the Spokane WorkSource.  Management has conceded to new desks and chairs, further training on how to use Skype, and to be flexible with administrative time.  This meeting had ample transparency and positive collaboration.