DSHS Statewide 2/2018

DSHS Statewide

The next DSHS Statewide UMCC has been confirmed for 4/26/18.

Our last DSHS Statewide UMCC occurred on 10/6/17. The agenda included a comprehensive overview of the impacts of the 2017-2019 operating budget and the lack of a capital budget.  The team present for this meeting included Sue Henricksen, Dave Greenman, Julianne Moore, Kim Cogswell, Eliga Sacks, and Amy Spiegel. Two team members were not able to attend. A summary of the agenda items and discussion was sent out to WFSE staff and the UMCC team along with the budget handouts. Please contact any of these team members for more information.

At a DSHS Statewide UMCC in 2012, it was agreed that a workgroup would be established to address improving the effectiveness and overall tone of union-management communication groups statewide. This group met 4 times and spent time working hard to develop a training curriculum for use at UMCC’s. This project took a bit of a backseat to more pressing matters but it has now been revived.  A small meeting to determine next steps occurred on 2/24/15 and a subsequent session to review curriculum occurred on 5/14/15. We met to finalize curriculum on 9/10/15 and were planning a “run-through” of the training in late October to prepare to deliver it to pilot site UMCC groups. This has again been placed on hold due to other time-sensitive issues.

A DSHS Institutions Safety workgroup met on 3/22/17 to discuss and identify safety concerns and themes throughout DSHS. A plan was developed by the group to address the various concerns identified and an information request was submitted to the employer. We will be reaching out to this group regarding the possibility of scheduling another date for the group to come together and discuss progress on action items and next steps.

An Ad-Hoc regarding investigations in multi-division/agency offices was established and the first meeting occurred on 5/20/17. Some follow up discussion/work is being done by DSHS to clarify the issues for all concerned and another meeting will be scheduled soon.