DSHS Institutions

Labor Advocate Reports are filed here for contract-wide and DSHS Institutions specific reports.

  • BHA CSTC Child Study & Treatment Center
  • BHA ESH Eastern State Hospital
  • BHA WSH Western State Hospital
  • BHA OFMHS Office of Forensic Mental Health Services
  • DVA Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • FSA CMO Consolidated Maintenance Operations + CSS
  • FSA CIBS Consolidated Institution Business Services
  • OFA Office of Fraud and Accountability
  • RA JR Juvenile Rehabilitation Community
  • RA JR EGCC Echo Glen Children's Center
  • RA JR GHS Green Hill School
  • RA JR NYC Naselle Youth Camp
  • RA SCC Special Commitment Center
  • RA DVR Dept of Vocational Rehab
  • SESA Services and Enterprise Support Admin