DSHS CSD Area Reports


At an Ad-Hoc meeting regarding WFO, the team discussed data that CSD had promised to get us.  In addition, the members took the opportunity to discuss the “100%” email that went out regarding the suspension of time measurements.  As indicated in the email, CSD is working on getting a new “average” with people focusing on “100%” accuracy.  Babs Roberts and Ronnie-Sue Johnson made it clear the measurements will be coming back in September.  This prompted a discussion on what that should look like, a reminder that people want to be seen as more than production numbers, and suggestions to management about how to accomplish these goals.  Management was very open and receptive to the suggestions from the team and asked questions on how better to discuss the KPI’s and production numbers.    We will be scheduling a UMCC for the fall.

DSHS/CSD 4/1/618

It seems CSD has done a slow-down on some elements of the rollout of elements of the Scorecard.  More to come on this development.

DSHS/CSD 4/16/18

Met with both CSD and CSCC in Spokane regarding the HUB and office remodel.  To CSD’s credit, they could only talk about what they “hoped” would happen, as their timelines are contingent on CSCC’s.  We have agreed to set another meeting when more information is available.  

DSHS/CSD 2/19/18

CSD has submitted a notice of remolding in Spokane.  A DTB has been filed.

DSHS/CSD 12/19/17

CSD UMCC met with management and brought forward concerns with extended intake hours and this will on the next UMCC agenda to check in and see how things are working out. 

Management indicates that things have stabilized and as such they can offer more intake time to clients. 

In addition the team talked about inclement weather and how CSD is going to apply policy this year. 

In addition there was an Insurance information fair in the Tri-Cities CSD that was a great success.