DSHS CSCC Area Reports

Customer Service Contact Center


CSCC had there UMCC on August 9th.  This meeting was short, as often happens with our summer meetings, but we have one more for the year.  We will be meeting in Yakima WA in November. 

We also completed the Trent CSO remodeling DTB, killing two birds with one stone.  The team was satisfied with the outcomes and the considerations management has given to all the moving around that is happening at the Trent CSO.

We are still waiting on dates for the Fall Statewide CSD UMCC


CSCC has a UMCC coming up in Spokane on August 9th, more to report in August.    We will be scheduling a Statewide CSD UMCC for the fall.  The Spokane Trent CSO is ready to finish the DTB we still have open with them, so we will be sitting down with them when we are over there for our UMCC on August 9th to continue those conversations.


At an Ad-Hoc meeting regarding WFO, the team discussed data that CSD had promised to get us.  In addition, the members took the opportunity to discuss the “100%” email that went out regarding the suspension of time measurements.  As indicated in the email, CSD is working on getting a new “average” with people focusing on “100%” accuracy.  Babs Roberts and Ronnie-Sue Johnson made it clear the measurements will be coming back in September.  This prompted a discussion on what that should look like, a reminder that people want to be seen as more than production numbers, and suggestions to management about how to accomplish these goals.  Management was very open and receptive to the suggestions from the team and asked questions on how better to discuss the KPI’s and production numbers.    We will be scheduling a UMCC for the fall.

DSHS/CSCC 5/2018

The UMCC May 10, in Tacoma was productive.  The meeting caught up on the status of the HUB implementation, and the Scorecard implementation.  It is delayed, for now. 

DSHS/CSCC 4/16/18

We have our next UMCC May 10, in Tacoma.

DSHS/CSCC 4/16/18

CSCC has been very busy creating hubs.  Our last meeting was in Spokane, for the HUB there.  WFSE and DSHS are working out the summers and they will be available soon.  The next statewide UMCC is May 10, back in Tacoma!!  There is a lot of movement of duty stations because of these HUB creations.  We do our best to negotiate a smooth transition, even so sometimes individual circumstances don’t get addressed.  If you are concerned, have reasonable accommodations, or just have questions, please feel free to reach out to your CR.  If you’re not sure who that is, please call the MCC at 1-833-622-9373. 

I work with the CRs and rely on their expertise in working with the day-to-day issues that come up.  CRs work closely with the Shop Stewards, so please don’t feel like you’re in this alone, you are not.  I wish we could make it all stop, I really do, and we all know that’s not going to happen, so let’s make sure we are talking. 

DSHS/CSCC 2/19/18

CSCC has submitted notice of remolding of the Spokane Office.  A DTB has been filed.  We had our UMCC in Tacoma on 2/15.  We set aside that agenda and discussed the DTB on the move to the Tacoma HUB.  That summary will be made available soon.