DOH Area Reports

Department of Health 8/16/18 Jenny Ho

A demand to bargain has been filed on the Agency’s intent to make changes within the TB unit.

The union continues to collect member feedback on the One DOH reorganization to inform Demand to Bargain meetings, which are likely to take place early fall. Please contact your steward for more information.

The union was notified of supervisory changes due to a reorganization at HSQA CHS. No concerns have been raised.

The Union was notified that additional funding has been acquired to avert layoffs of 5 bargaining unit members at PCH OHSC.

Department of Health 6/16/18 Jenny Ho

A UMCC was held in in June, which was focused on the One DOH reorganization. As a result of discussions at the UMCC, group sessions have been scheduled in July, open to all employees, which will provide information and answer questions about the reorganization. Staff will be able to debrief with stewards and/or union staff following each session. The sessions are scheduled for July 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12. Debrief discussions will be used to inform Demand to Bargain meetings.

Following a number of discussions with HR, agency deputies will be reviewing departmental policies on unplanned absences.

The union also received notification of a small reorganization within NQAC. Members did not raise any concerns that were mandatory subjects of bargaining.

Department of Health 5/16/18 Jenny Ho

A meeting was held to determine the agenda for the next UMCC, which is scheduled for June 11. The UMCC will focus on the One DOH reorganization. There will also be an initial discussion on the union’s concerns with skimming and the agency’s relationship with commissions, to be followed up with future in-depth meetings and information exchange.

Department of Health 4/16/18 Jenny Ho

A few notifications were received on limited supervisory changes due to reorganizations in several programs. Affected members were notified and no concerns have been raised.

A UMCC was held on April 23rd. Topics included: unplanned absences; investigations; and updates on the one DOH reorganization (still in planning stages). The Agency agreed to discuss the reporting of unplanned absences at the next deputies’ meeting. A more standardized approach to investigations will be developed as part of the Agency’s implementation of the Governor’s inclusive and respectful work environment initiative. The union will also have representatives present at the next one DOH focus group meetings. UMCC members in attendance included: Michael Weisman, Ingrid Hansen, Joe Mihelich and Theresa Phillips.

Department of Health 4/16/18 Jenny Ho

Notice was received on reorganization of seven staff in the Office of Immunization and Child Profile. The notice is currently out for member feedback and the filing of the DTB will be determined from there.