DFW Area Reports

DFW 8/2018

There is one open demand to bargain at this time and it regards layoffs in IT.  We have scheduled a meeting in early November.

DFW 7/2018

The agency delivered notice in June on layoffs in the IT department. The meeting is scheduled for early August.

The agency also delivered notice on changes to the way files are stored online. We have many questions about the impacts of this change and have a meeting scheduled for mid-August.

DFW 6/2018

The agency delivered notice on layoffs in the IT department.  One is proposed to take place in September and the other four are in January of 2019.  Options are being explored and we expect a meeting to be scheduled at the end of July.

DFW 2/19/18

The agency provided notice of a proposal to contract out a project at the Naselle Hatchery that we elected to pass on filing. 

Additionally, we met with DFW management regarding this year’s projects for the CAMP’s.  It appears we have plentiful bargaining unit work for members and the crisis of lacking a capital budget is completely in the rear view mirror.

12/19/17 Ron Heley

The agency has filed a notice regarding the contracting out of an elk fence near Cowiche and we have declined to file a demand to bargain.

The agency also filed notice on a policy revision for using state facilities as well as contracting out work on a culvert near Lone Ranch.  We are still investigating whether to filed demands to bargain on them.