DEL Area Reports

Dept of Early Learning

DEL 6/2018

DEL sent Notice as a follow-up to the notice regarding weighted WAC that was sent out to members, and they’ve indicated that there is an impact that needs to be discussed, so we will be filing a DTB, more to come.

DEL 5/2018

The feedback from UMCC members regarding the WAC weighting is the vendor was the best option and did a good job.  No other developments with DEL.

DEL 4/16/18

DEL gave notice that they are going to use the same vendor for weighted WAC project support that they’ve been using the same vendor they have been working with that facilitated the weighting of the process.  I’ve reached out to the UMCC team.  So far the response has been that the contractor has been doing a good job and the work they will be doing isn’t taking anything from our DEL members.  Stay tuned for updates.

DEL 4/16/18

The position at DEL did not take any bargaining work out of our business unit, so the work stayed and no members were affected.   DEL did file a notice about moving work from DSHS/CA background checks to DEL in anticipation of DCYF. We are reaching out to members and will make a filing decision.  Rest be assured we are looking at this with an eye towards the DCYF bargaining coming up.  (My eyes don’t see much more than DCYF right now, ha!) 

DEL 2/19/18

DEL has sent notice they want to reallocate a classified position to a WMS position.  An information request has been submitted.