DCYF Area Report 5/2018

DCYF 5/2018

We have started bargaining over the new agency!!  There are regular updates posted at wfse.org, please check them out.  We are knee deep in getting this agency off the ground.  The team now remains stable, and the best place to get up dates is at www.wfse.org.

The Team is:

  •  DEL, Rita Swanson, Damon Corrigan, Cindy Marcyes
  • DSHS/CA, Sandra Hilzendeger, Joyce Murphy, Charles Loeffler
  • DSHS/JRA, Gabe Hall

This information will be removed from my report in June, so please take note of it now.

The Department of Children, Youth, and Families, otherwise known as DCYF, is picking up speed and has a mandated operations date of July 1, 2018. Juvenile Rehabilitation will join the agency in 2019.  There are many questions that I am hoping I can answer here, but there is also much we don’t know yet. I do not have any information regarding JR at this time.  Because JR is joining at a later time, their transition information will also come at a later time.   

So here goes a list of questions, and answers. 

1)    What is my union doing? Do they know what is happening?  Your president, Sue H, has been a part of this process from the beginning, from the introduction of the legislation, through today.  Sue has met with the Office of Financial Management (OFM) and leadership of DCYF.  The staff negotiating with OFM, for DCYF, are myself, and my supervisor Amy Spiegel.  I have been involved with the process at one level or another since I was hired by WFSE.  Amy gave me CA and DEL for the express reason that a new agency was going to be formed and she wanted me to be involved from the start.  Once the legislator passed the bill creating the agency, Amy, and myself, started having regular phone conferences with OFM to get updates and information.   

2)    Is the union negotiating without members? Never!!  The phone conferences are updates on status of where the state is in providing us with the required notification.  This was done to ensure that when the time for negotiating the impacts of the new agency, otherwise known as a Demand to Bargain (DTB), we would be well informed.  In addition, during these phone calls, Amy and I bring forward concerns from both CA and DEL members to ensure the state has that feedback as well.   When the time comes for the DTB(s), members will make up the teams.

3)    Speaking of DTB(s), when will they start? We haven’t got notice yet, so we don’t have dates yet.  Once we get notice, we will have a time frame for negotiating.   Before the state can send us a Mandatory Subjects Notice (Article 38 of the contract) they have to be able to tell us what the changes are, what the plan is, and how they want to implement their plan.   

4)    Who will be on the team? The members of the team will all be full union members and chosen by the Sue H.  The size of the team is being discussed as well.  There will be more updates on this as we draw closer to getting notice.

5)    What about my paycheck, vacation/sick accrual?  All people going to the new agency will keep their current pay/vacation/sick/medical.  You are still employed by the State of Washington, that doesn’t change.  Also, this is a top priority, we want to make sure everyone gets a paycheck on July 25th.  These functions have been topics of the phone conferences, as well.  

6)    Will my duty station change?  We don’t have enough information to answer that yet.  The reason we don’t is because this would be a topic for the notice OFM will be sending.  This is very much on our radar and will be addressed in DTB(s) once we have the information.  

7)    Who will be my boss?  We have not got any information yet that indicates immediate chains of command will change.  The secretary for DCYF is Ross Hunter.  He recently put out a short video, in it he indicated he doesn’t see any layoffs for classified staff.  There may be changes at the WMS or executive level, but that won’t impact line or support staff.  Direct supervisors shouldn’t be impacted either.   More to come!

8)    How many regions will DCYF have?  In Ross’s video he indicated DCYF will have six (6) regions.  For CA folks, what’s old is new again.  For DEL folks, it’s a whole new world.  I have embedded the link to the video at the bottom of my report, please check it out.

9)    Will my Local stay the same?  When you become a member your local is decided by your duty station.  Everyone has a duty station, it is where you show up for work if you’re not out in the field.  This won’t change in the new agency.  The WFSE uses the geographic location, not a regional structure like the state does.  Unless your duty station is moved out of the geographic boundaries of your local, you won’t have a change in local.

10) More to come!!  We have a lot more we need to gather, so this is not the end of the Q&A for my reports.  I send out this report monthly, please keep checking it for updates. 

Again, I want to be very clear here.  We are on this.  We, you, me, everyone one of us.  This isn’t something “the” union is doing, this is something we are doing.  WFSE has had meetings, phone calls, planning meetings and more.  We will be looking for team members for the DTB(s) once we get notice. 

Thank you for your interest and please keep the questions coming and spread the word, we’ve got a great adventure in front of us and we need each other to ensure a smooth transition. 

Ross Hunter’s Video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYMCbP54DWM&feature=youtu.be