Corrections Area Report 4/16/18

  1. Filed a demand to bargain over management’s notification of their intent to add additional cameras in Longview Work Release. Pending review of training requirements for Correctional Officer’s at work release. Meeting scheduled with management to determine rules related to the AD HOC committee.
  2. DTB DOC 410.210-220-235-920 Use of Force. Working with the Teamsters to identify discrepancies with the policies. We have concerns Prisons and the Field operations are combined. There are different constitutional issues. Met with management to discuss policy changes, referred to committee to work through the details. Second meeting being scheduled now.
  3. DOC 380.200 Community Supervision. Workload. Met with management, impasse, second meeting agreed to short term, mid-term, and long term reductions.
  4. DOC 460.130 Hearings. Significant issues related to increased duties and responsibilities. Preparing for contract negotiations.
  5. DOC 460.140 Violations. Significant issues related to increased duties and responsibilities. Workload is another significant concern.
  6. DOC Identification Placards. Change eliminated the ability for CCO’s to wear placards that say Police when serving warrants with other LE…safety. Third round of negotiations occurring
  7. DOC OMNI Stoppage Time Calculation. Early release issue, safety concerns.
  8. Termination Release Verification Process. Early release issue, safety concerns.