Corrections Area Report 12/19/17

December 2017

Department of Corrections:

1. On-going meetings with the new administration are occurring as they set priorities. Focusing in on Advance Corrections and workload.  

Filed a Demand to Bargain on Advance Corrections ONA. 

DTB scheduled for 12-19-217

2. DTB: Specialty Team Suspension   

Filed new DTB on Specialty Team Suspension based upon change in members. Specialty Team participation should be open to members within CCD. Knowledge of field operations improves the safety of SERT operations in the field through increased knowledge of the environment and practices.  Pending scheduling.

Meeting held management asked for a 30 day extension as they are changing their position.

I met with Mac Pevey and we are finalizing the details. We should have an MOU early soon.


Good morning Greg,

This email serves as the Department of Corrections (DOC) notice of our intent to expand opportunities for participation on Specialty Teams agency wide.   This expansion includes opportunities on the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), Emergency Response Team (ERT), Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT), Inmate Recovery Team (IRT), and Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM).

Participation on Specialty Teams is voluntary.  DOC employees must follow the application process and are required to meet specific team criteria.  Agency policy sets criteria and selection for team membership. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this matter further please let me know.

Thank You.

Jeanette Dixon

Good afternoon Greg,

The purpose of this email is to provide notice of the Department of Corrections' (DOC) intent to apply assignment pay compensation to Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) represented employees who participate on DOC Specialty Teams.  This assignment pay is specific to the following teams; Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), Emergency Response Team (ERT), Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT), Inmate Recovery Team (IRT), and Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM).

As you are aware, on September 30, 2016, the Office of Financial Management (OFM), Labor Relations Negotiator, and the Washington Federation of State Employees Negotiator, signed an agreement stating basic salary plus two ranges shall be paid to trained and qualified employees who are assigned members of the designated Department of Corrections CISM team.  Assignment pay shall be paid on an hour for hour basis for every hour worked during an authorized team related assignment or training.

It is DOCs intent to expand the eligibility to receive this assignment pay to any WFSE represented employee assigned to the teams as listed above while they are engaged in authorized team activities or training. 

We intend to implement this change no later than September 18, 2017.  If you would like to request your right to Article 38 negotiations, you may do so by filing your demand to bargain with the OFM State Human Resources Labor Relations Section (LRS) at [email protected] .

If you have questions please feel free to contact me.


3.   DOC Supplemental Bargaining


Number of Members

Job Class

Base Increase

COLA Increase

Total Increase






























































4.  DTB Drug Deterrence Protocol


  • Implement pilot tree offices
  • Correctional Officers hired for the pilot will focus on duties under the pilot
  • The agency will examine CORE and provide additional training specific to field work
  • CO’s do not have arrest authority and will not participate in arrests
  • Protocols related to positive tests will be developed and shared with the Union

Early data in and will be presented to labor at the next UMCC

UMCC for December cancelled reschedule January 23, 2018

5.   Failing to Report Pilot Notice


  • Management agreed the pilot does not have disincentive
  • CCD will look at issues and consider feedback prior to full statewide implementation.
  • CCD did commit to not only collecting data relative to the pilot but also sharing that data with the union and engaging with the union should there be a request to do so prior to implementing the failure to report protocols on a statewide basis should that eventually be the decision. The parties do recognize from the discussion that the pilot will raise more questions and may have the potential to come up with more specific location based solutions in the future. We have agreed to meet and share data collected, seek clarification about appropriate number of stipulations although for this pilot we are not capping the number of stipulations due to the short three (3) month period for the pilot.
  • Management presented at the UMCC, nothing short of propaganda and fails to get to the root cause of the problem, infrastructure.

6.   Filed a demand to bargain over management’s notification of their intent to add additional cameras in Longview Work Release.

Filed a demand to bargain over conversion of Longview Work Release into a state operated facility.

Meeting held, we agreed to work with management is drafting new MOU’s covering work release facilities based upon organizational changes. More to come.

Management agreed to re-evaluate all work release agreements as a result of organizational changes reporting to a different chain of command.

Met with Devon Schrum and agreed to informal discussions.

Formal negotiations are scheduled.

Met with management and agreed to establish an Ad Hoc Communications Table specifically for work release. This will ensure Correctional Officer’s and other classifications are represented and directly impacting their working conditions.

Pending review of training requirements for Correctional Officer’s at work release.

Meeting scheduled with management to determine rules related to the AD HOC committee.

Working with Management to determine the process for the AD HOC Committee.

Drafted MOU and awaiting Managements response:

The Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Washington Federation of State Employee’s (Union) agree to establish an Ad HOC Union Management Communications table. The table shall consist of one member from each of the work release facilities.

The Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Washington Federation of State Employee’s (Union) agree to meet four (4) times a year at mutually agreed upon locations making the effort to move these meetings to different work release facilities in the interest of educating the team on the nuances of each location.

The Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Washington Federation of State Employee’s (Union) agree to adhere to Article 37 of the contract. 

8.  Notified management of concerns of workplace violence attributed to the Field Administrator in Section 1 and asked for an investigation and remediation plan.

Management provided process notification to all staff on reporting workplace violence. Management has not provided a remediation plan.

The Union is monitoring for compliance. Notified management that labor is concerned that Section 1 had the worst job satisfaction results in the state according to the statewide survey. I asked for a remediation plan. Management provided me with their employee recognition plan. I asked for specific steps management was taking to address the survey results. No response yet.

Update: Management is making a concerted effort to engage staff through Coffee with the Field Administrator.

Requested update from management on progress improving employee satisfaction on 02-02-17

Management provided a broad organization plan to address employee satisfaction. Issue moved to the Secretary of the Dept. of Corrections and added to UMCC.

New employee satisfaction results are in. The issues in Section 1 continue. I have the administration for their corrective action plan.

Meeting scheduled with Mac Pevey to discuss our concerns relative to leadership in section 1.

Discussions pertaining to this problem have resulted in a higher priority. I have asked for and expect a remediation plan by July 14, 2017.

Met with Mac Pevey on 07-26-2017. He will develop and forward a corrective plan.

I expect a remediation plan by October 1, 2017

FA Conner removed from the position.

9.  Filed DTB-460.140 which added requirements for Hearings Officers to include higher level duties and responsibilities. Pending scheduling

Management conceded that the duties of Hearings Officers have substantially increased in terms of complexity, we will be bargaining for salary adjustments

10.  Filed DTB-460.130 which added requirements to Community Corrections Officer’s which include higher level duties and responsibilities and increases workload.

Additional Duties:

  • Unity Summit scheduling pending appointments to the diversity committee. Charter and outcomes desired completed. Charter and agenda refined. Meeting scheduled for the second Saturday in July. Meeting held and proposals are in draft. Very successful meeting. Pending further direction
  • DOC Policy is proposing an amendment seeking to become a Law Enforcement Policy Group. Item referred back to policy by request of member leadership. DOC Policy signed the Resolution. The Executive Board met and approved the resolution converting The Public Safety Caucus and Campus Police and Security to the Law Enforcement Caucus. The Corrections policy resolution was postponed. Pending appointment of the new chair
  • The Public Safety Caucus is drafting a resolution to combine Public Safety and Campus Police and Security into a Law Enforcement Caucus. Item referred back to policy by request of member leadership. DOC signed the Resolution This issue will be raised a the next policy meeting.
  • Developing proposal with Chris Coker to provide training for members who may be involved in a shooting: Post incident response (Law Enforcement 100% AFSCME)
  • Developing and managing AFSCME 100% campaign DOC 


  • Working with Representative Barkis to expand qualified immunity to peer support in Limited Law Enforcement
  • Analysis Consecutive/Concurrent
  • Analysis no Revoke/Return
  • Monitoring re-organization DOC
  • Develop High-Level Plan ending prison privatization