How did we get here?

Following discussions between WFSE and DOT in early 2016, DOT sent notice on April 15, 2016 that they intended to initiate a classification study for maintenance job classifications. As outlined in that letter, DOT currently has maintenance work assigned to 37 different job classifications. The goal of the study is to gain consistency throughout DOT while taking steps to address recruitment and retention challenges.

What is happening now?

As of today, over 100 interviews across the spectrum of maintenance job classifications and the various regions have been conducted. Members from many job classifications have provided significant input on the variety of duties they perform. DOT is reviewing the information gathered to look at the distinctions and similarities between the various classifications, and between the levels within the class series.

I may be impacted, what should I do?

While this is in the very early stages, it is never too early to get educated and get involved! There are many resources available to you on the WFSE website. You can learn more about class studies, your contractual rights, and get updates on what is happening with the DOT maintenance classification study at > Contracts & Negotiations

What are the next steps?

In the near future, WFSE will be putting together a team of DOT maintenance members to work with resource staff and the employer as this study progresses. Ultimately, if changes are proposed as a result of this study, formal notice of the intent to implement must be sent, which WFSE will respond to by filing a “demand to bargain.” This will ensure our Union has a say in the impacts of this study throughout the process. In addition, state agencies have their own process for submitting contract proposals to State Human Resources/OFM, which may result in bargaining over these issues during the next round of general government contract negotiations.


Greg Devereux, Executive Director
Washington Federation of State Employees

Dear Mr. Devereux:

I am writing to solicit WFSE's participation for a job classification study WSDOT willinitiate this summer.

Statewide, WSDOT currently accomplishes maintenance activities using employees assigned to 37 different job classifications.

Our goal is to identify options that will allow us to gain more consistency and uniformity, better support our business needs, as well as attracting, retaining, and developing a skilled and engaged workforce.

I anticipate this study will take 12 months to complete. We consider WFSE a key stakeholder and want to partner with you early. I would appreciate if you would identify the person(s) you would like us to contact as we begin to scope out this project.


Todd Dowler
Human Resources Deputy Director
Washington State Department of Transportation
Office of Human Resources and Safety