BHA OFMHS Area Reports


We met again on February 27th, to discussion outstanding Demands to Bargain on Forensic Data Tracking and Services for Children, workload/productivity goals, video conferencing pilot, and eight other items.

We have several outstanding Demands to Bargain at this time.

  • We are also transitioning to the new Labor Advocate.
  • We had a conference call early March regarding an update to the Trueblood issues and the hardening of Building 27 per the amended settlement. There will be clearly issues of support for the patients of that building in terms of food service, custodial, maintenance, staffing etc to be discussed. In the interim, bids for S-10 are taking place based on seniority and the proposal for allocation changes for the PBX Operators is moving forward.
  • We met on March 12th in an SIA Ad Hoc to discuss the S-10 moves and some other proposals for staffing.
  • We also discussed WSH proposal to have the security officers and a CIBS person take over the armored car transports. Another plan is now being discussed.