BHA, DDA, RA Overtime and LWOP


12/19/17  Management brought to our Union’s attention that some employees are being compensated overtime when they work a shift that follows their regular scheduled shift where they took leave without pay (LWOP). 

They notified us that they would be changing this practice to bring it in line with the CBA language. 

Specifically article 7.1  states that for overtime purposes work includes; all hours actually worked, travel time, vacation time, sick leave, compensatory time, holidays, but excludes shared leave, LWOP,  additional compensation for time worked on a holiday, and time compensated as standby, callback, or any other penalty pay.

Going forward management will be abiding by the CBA language when paying employees for working an “overtime” shift directly before/after their regular shift when they take LWOP or shared leave for their regular shift. 

They will be paid at straight time for that “overtime” shift.  A communication will be distributed by management to all affected employees as soon as possible. This change in application of the language will occur on January 1, 2018.