BHA Area Reports

DSHS Behavior Health Services

10/2018 Thomas Wray

Filed DTB:

Contracting Out of Patient Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation Oversite – WSH has contracted out Patient Abuse Oversite to the DOH.

(Still Pending) Psychiatric Security Attendants – Job Requirements –ESH has proposed to change the job requirements for newly hired / incoming PSA’s. Meet with ESH on October 11, ESH presented a draft copy of their proposed “Readiness Training Checklist.” Due to ESH not having a “final” version of the proposed training checklist, the parties agreed to hold this matter in abeyance, and schedule another meeting, once ESH has finalized the training checklist.

WSH East Campus Forensic Capacity Expansion (E6) – WSH has proposed to increase patient capacity on Ward E6, which means they would like to convert Ward E6 from a civil ward, to a forensic ward sometime in 2019. When the ward closes (for conversion), the E6 staff will be disbanded and (if possible) “deployed” to other parts of the hospital, or possibly laid off.

(Still Pending) OFMHS Building 27 – Met with WSH on August 16 and received an update regarding this matter.

(Still Pending) Expansion of Forensic Ward S4 – WSH would like to increase patient capacity on ward S4. S4 has a capacity of 30 patients (WSH anticipates they will be at capacity as early as 8/31/18. WSH will be determining which patients may be moved to S4, which will be selected from S10, and CFS wards. WSH states, S4 will not be an admission ward.

Settled DTB:

C.A.R.L.A. System for Forensic Evaluators – This matter was previously bargained and addressed with Sherri-Ann Burke and OFMHS (DTB #17-385 – Forensic Data Tracking System). The parties agreed the “impact” was minimal in nature.

Nevertheless, the parties have agreed to place C.A.R.L.A. as an agenda item on the BHA-OFMHS UMCC agenda, to further discuss the concerns/issue raised by and related to the Forensic Evaluators at ESH.

4/16/18 Thomas Wray

  • Attempting to Schedule a DTB re: Reallocation of PBX/Telephone Operators
  • Attempting to Schedule a DTB re: Night Shift Schedule

2/18/19 Sherri-Ann Burke

We had a meeting on February 14th for the ad hoc SIA UMCC which addressed some hospital policies – 12.07 Safety Concerns Program and 8.03 Long Term Specialized Staffing; Ward S-10 changes – a bid process, staffing, freezing vacancies while bid occurs, and people may bid again once placed; changes in Holiday pay (for which a Demand to Bargain has been issued); PBX Operators changes (We are awaiting official notice and a Demand to Bargain will be filed; and Chemical Dependency employees.  OFMS – We met on February 16th in a Demand to Bargain regarding Exchange – the conclusion was DSHS will follow the contract. We are meeting again on February 27th, to discussion outstanding Demands to Bargain on Forensic Data Tracking and Services for Children, workload/productivity goals, video conferencing pilot, and eight other items.  We received a notice this week regarding errors related to overtime for which a Demand to Bargain has been issued.  There is a conference call early March regarding an update to the Trueblood issues.    

12/19/17 Sherri-Anne Burke

We had a meeting with the evaluators on December 8 to discuss issues for this group of employees. 

Discussion with the Department Head Tom Kinlen will continue next week.  We agreed another meeting was necessary as we were unable to finish the agenda.  That meeting will take place in January. 

We received a policy today for which as Demand to Bargaining will be issued.