Behavioral Health Integration updates

Affecting DSHS, HCA, DOH

In November of 2016 we received notice of the intent to implement BHI from DSHS and DOH as a result of the passage of SB6312 in 2014.

At the time much was unknown about what this would look like but the notice outlined that there would be structural changes, meaning some positions moving from DSHS/BHA to HCA and DOH, in order to implement BHI as required by law.

In December of 2016 OFM informed us that they did not yet know the details regarding those positions as too much was still unknown.

During the 2017 legislative session, HB1388 was introduced and this bill would have physically moved staff from DSHS to HCA and DOH, effective July 1, 2017. 

Although the bill did not pass, the three agencies have been directed to continue planning for Behavioral Health Integration and a new target implementation date of July 1, 2018 was set. It is expected that we may see new legislation in the 2018 session.

At this time the DTB’s remain open and agencies are working on preparation for integration. We have submitted a detailed information request and are reaching out to those potentially impacted while we continue to identify the scope of the impacts. An executive order has now been issued however this is early in the process so much remains unknown. A team has not yet been finalized and meetings are not expected to occur until the spring of 2018.