AGR Area Reports

Department of Agriculture


The agency provided notice regarding two policy changes: Discrimination and Privacy/Confidentiality.  Both are straightforward and reflect our members’ interests and so we declined to file a demand to bargain meeting on either. 


We held a UMCC on March 29 which involved a healthy exchange over some tough issues.  WSDA continues to acknowledge a morale problem in Fruit & Vegetable Inspection in the Yakima Valley.  There has been a noticed improvement in communication which bodes well for the future.  We also discussed streamlining the process for training in wheat inspection.  An update on major budgetary shortfalls in the Animal Services Budget was not presented by management but we intend to follow-up on that and hold them accountable to the promised update in the very near future.


WSDA provided notice of a proposal to clarify their drug and alcohol policy.  We are still investigating whether to file a demand to bargain.