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The Governor needs to hear from you!

Your elected collective bargaining team (Bill Copland, Rick DeBay, Judy Lang, Don Malo, Geryl Post, and Judy Kuschel-Bradley) have met with the DOC management for five days of bargaining and o

John Zeman - WFSE Member, Spokane

I’m from South Dakota. It’s a right to work state. I'd like to share my experience and why I'm #UnionStrong.

We cannot move forward together when we are falling behind economically.

We need fair pay and real opportunity now!

WFSE member Carol Scott delivered hundreds of SEO/SET/CO reclass petitions to DSHS Secretary Cheryl Strange at the conclusion of the Secretary's 840 N Broadway/Everett complex to

ACT NOW to support IT workers in General Government & Community College Coalition — and the future of classification studies in Washington state!


We, the members of your General Government bargaining team, are deeply concerned about recent eorts to divide o

It's time to close the gap for state employees. We need contracts that include real raises, affordable healthcare, and that improve our communities and ensure a stable workforce.

As union members, we're stronger together. Union membership equals fair pay, affordable healthcare, and a secure retirement. 

Want to know more about Janus v AFSCME and what it means to state employees?  AFSCME has a library of good reads.

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