2017-2019 contract negotiations follow-up

2017-2019 Contract Negotiations 

Open ‘17-‘19 General Government Bargaining Follow-Up Items:

1. Regional Compensation MOU - Preparation work was done on this GG/CCC workgroup internally and the first committee meeting was held on 2/10. We submitted an information request to assist us in preparing for the 3-month duration of meetings with the Employer under this MOU and received much of that information, which was reviewed in the committee’s second meeting on 7/26. The committee is Sue, Judy, Don Malo, Julianne Moore, Dave Greenman, Max Phipps, Rebekah Padgett, Tracy Stanley, Alex Bacon, and Ken Fisher. We had our first meeting with the employer on 2/28/18 and had very good discussions about a wide variety of measures that may help support working families in high cost areas. More to come!

2. DOT Maintenance Class Study – This class study is in process and you can find updates and helpful Q&A on the WFSE website at: https://gg.wfse.org/class-study-dot

3. Agriculture Grain Program Class Study - WSDA has done quite a bit of work on this and they are proceeding soon with the class study in grain. Teresa Parsons has been working with WSDA on process and we held our first meeting with the Employer on 2/21. The team for this meeting was Bob Adams, Tom Baxter and Rick Randall (The WSDA supplemental bargaining team). An initial communication to all grain members was sent out and on site work with the members to   evaluate their duties is in progress. You can find updates and helpful Q&A here: https://gg.wfse.org/class-study-agr

4. Article 47 Training – A curriculum is in process and has been piloted at two agency UMCC’s. OFM and WFSE are in the process of refining the training based on feedback from that pilot and then will be finalizing. The meeting to do this was held on 2/16/18. In addition, online delivery options are being developed to ensure availability for everyone.  While this has taken some time to put together, it is exciting that we are nearing the finish line!